Pets on Sofas

Oh boy!

It’s here! Pets On Sofas is back. Send us photos of your amazing pets on your sofa, your chair, your bed, coffee table? We don’t mind! We just want to see your amazing pets.
With the help of Bath Cats and Dogs Home we will select our favourite 5 photos. The 1st place winner will win a £500 Silcox Voucher, the runners-up will each get a £50 voucher. We will also be donating £1200 to Bath Cats and Dogs Home to help them run a Dog Pod for a month.
To enter, just comment with photos of your pets and like our page. It’s that simple!
If you want to help us support Bath Cats and Dogs Home, go to and you can make a donation. Registered Charity – 205594

To enter follow this link –

Fun, for a great cause!

Last year…
Bath Cats & Dogs Home rescued 1,430 animals in need
Reunited 224 stray animals with their families
Rehomed 1,125 animals
218 animals came to them from RSPCA Inspectors – meaning they were suffering from abuse or neglect
They take in 28 stray dogs every month
And take in, on average, 4 animals every day
On average, it costs £183 to provide for a cat from rescuing to rehoming
On average, it costs £265 to provide for a dog from rescuing to rehoming
The Home currently has in theircare:
90 cats (including 38 kittens)
65 dogs
6 guinea pigs
3 rabbits
1 budgie
Lets have a little fun to spread the good word for this fantastic charity, its a win win!

Unlucky pup, we sell furniture!

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